Vol. 11 No. 11 (2011): Artes Magazine no. 11

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This volume includes works accomplished both after the publication of ARTES 9-10 (2010) and before that date, mostly in the framework of doctoral and post-doctoral studies. The fairly diverse body of themes covering a wide range of interests was grouped in three major chapters: 1) structural and stylistic analyses, 2) Stylistic and performance analyses and 3) Aesthetic and sociologic analyses. Most of the authors are based in Iaşi (University of Arts “George Enescu” or National College “Octav Băncilă”), but the contents also feature collaborators from Bucureşti (National University of Music) and Braşov (Universitatea Transilvania – Faculty of music).
Starting with this issue, the magazine will be published in a bilingual Romanian-English edition, with translations provided through the care of the article authors.
In the case of footnotes and bibliographic notes, in order to render the volume unitary, we have continued to apply – as in the previous volumes – the indications supplied by TEHNICA SCRIERII ACADEMICE (The Technique of Academic Writing, rom.) by Şerban C. Andronescu (Foundation ”România de Mâine” publishing house, Bucureşti, 1997).

Published: 2023-05-28