Fibonacci perennis - From W.A. Mozart to L. Bernstein


  • Junior lecturer PhD. Andrei Hrubaru-Roată "George Enescu" National University of Arts Iași



It is widely accepted that an Ariadne`s thread ties the antique Egypt’s monuments to
res, the Renaissance’s picture and gothic cathedrals,
the Picass tecture, and that this thread is in fact a
proportion, the golden proportion. If this has relevance in the temporal arts, in music
especially, it is an issue harder to cut. The intuition of space and time, although
interconnected, presents undeniable features. In this studies we answer favorably to this
dilemma, not from the esthetics point of view, but of the interpret, witch, having the privilege
to be the one who lifts the first of the many veils that hide the mystery of creation embedded
in the score, “playing” that mystery in the face of the audience, has the obligation to
understand, as much as possible, and at a rational level, what where the subtle ins and outs of
it , in what way they have the power to produce on the listener the desired effect imagined by
the creator.
Counting on the known historic value of the two pieces of work in discussion here
belonging to the representatives of two different eras, Mozart and Bernstein, and on the
correctness of our judgment, we hope to have contributed, even in a



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