Beneficial Subliminal Music


  • Lecturer Rosina Caterina Filimon PhD "George Enescu" National University of Arts Iași



The PhD study hereafter is a follow-up to the scientific dissertation titled “Subliminal
Music” and published in Artes journal (Vol. 6, pp. 141-154), in which the harmful impact of
subliminal messages hidden in musical speech has been debated. The present study, Benefic Subliminal Music, describes the usage of subliminal music
set to incur beneficial effects on the human mind and body through the Binaural Beats
technology and Hemi-Sync technology. The Binaural Beats technology was discovered by the
German physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove (1803–1879) in 1839 and tested on the
encephalograph by the American biophysicist Gerald Oster (1918 – 1993) in 1973, at Mount
Sinai School of Medicine in New York. This procedure represents a recent discovery in the
musicotherapy field and a new brain training technique, studied and tested in many research
centers and universities. The cerebral hemispheres synchronization technology Binaural Beats
was applied by Robert Monroe (1915 – 1995) as Hemi-Sync sound technology by means of
mixing cerebral wave frequencies with music, nature sounds, and verbal guidance to the result
of something more than music – Metamusic. This acoustic alchemy put into practice has
yielded significant results in creative capability development, learning processes acceleration,
pain relief, anxiety and depression amelioration, as well as in relaxation, meditation, and
hypnosis induction.