Dissonance op. 34 no.13 by S. Rachmaninoff. Stylistic - interpretive analysis


  • Lecturer PhD Ionela Butu "George Enescu" National University of Arts Iași




The stylistic - interpretative analysis of the song, primarily done from a pianistic point
of view, emphasized some aspects which allow the ordering of signs around landmark-senses
which helps the understanding of the artistic message. The main coordinates - specifically
interpretative - dynamic, agogic, timbre, sound (sound form in relation to the written one) ordered their meanings by relating to the coherence required by the chamber ensemble exigencies, with its own laws of configuration. Their inter-relationship stylistically nuanced on the mentioned background enables the whole architectural balance.
Because Dissonance op. 34 nr. 13 is a final opus of the composer in the song’s genre,
we consider useful the synthetic observations where the text allowed their insertion, in order
to create the semantic environment necessary to understand the particular aspects. Also, we
made references to similar works of other composers, despite the different stylistic areas compared. Thus, specificity is easily highlighted by contrast. An important topic of the study is represented by the non-coincidence betweeen the climax of the work and the culmination - main landmarks based on which the interpretation can be truly constructed, as they express
the expressive ambitus of the work, beyond the surface indications.