Modernism or modernity?


  • Associate Professor Elena Ovănescu Pîrvu PhD "George Enescu" National University of Arts Iași



If the term modern is framework-concept and modernism - an attitude marked by
exaggerations and experimentations, modernity is both a creative concept and a stylistic era
that encompasses post-romantic aesthetic trends. Adrian Marino admirably expresses the
essence of modernity, in his study Modern, Modernism, Modernity: "To rise to the universal,
through transfiguration and creative crystallization the modern ephemeral - this is the real and
profound modernity of art and literature and, at the same time, the technique of achieving this
modernity”. Essentially, musical modernity primarily involves the separation of the expressive
semantics of the stress-relaxation arc, generated by harmonic and tonal functionality, and also
the renouncement at thematic elements which is a fundamental creation principle in tonal



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