Cornel Țăranu – The Symphonics of the New Millenium. Part I –Programmatic orchestral works


  • Associate Professor PhD Mirela Mercean-Țârc The University of Oradea



Cornel Țăranu, symphonic works, chromatic modalism, contemporary Romanian music


The present study sets out to analyze and to present the main aspects of composer C. Țăranu’s symphonic works in the 21st century. The fourteen symphonic works composed from 2005 to 2018 represent an important contribution to the contemporary symphonic landscape. Due to the extremely extensive material, I divided the work in two parts: in the first one, I presented the symphonic works with historical-cultural references and in the second part the concertante works for the saxophone and the symphonies themselves. To the diversity of chosen there themes corresponds an enormous variety of means of expression in which we detect the permanence of a complex post-serial “post-Enescian” language of synthesis of the most innovative compositional procedures of the 20th century, with essences of ancient Romanian or universal music. The conclusions include a synthesis of the strategies of musical dramaturgy, comprising common elements of language that configure composer C. Țăranu’s original, unique and unitary style in the seven symphonic works on display.



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