Discovering music cryptograms in the works of Viorel Munteanu through computer aided methods


  • PhD student Mihaela Rusu “George Enescu” National University of Arts Iași ROMANIA



Music cryptograms, digital analysis, Symphony no. 1 “Glossa”, Viorel Munteanu


This analytical approach aims to demonstrate the connection between music and technology in the creation of composer Viorel Munteanu. The purpose of this paper is to identify and analyse the music cryptograms in Symphony No. 1 “Glossa” using digital analysis tools. Viorel Munteanu is a modern composer characterised by avangardist tendencies, but with a desire to revive the past. In his creations, the composer uses folkloric themes and byzantine chant, while evoking important personalities of Romanian culture. In Symphony No. 1 “Glossa”, Munteanu uses the music cryptogram of poet Mihai Eminescu and composer George Enescu, these structures being used as thematic material and cyclic motifs. For graphical illustration of the music cryptograms we used the digital library LibRosa and for the identification process we use a musical software which identifies these structures in a MIDI score. Also, we would be analysing the cryptograms’ functions, rhetorics and aspects influencing the form and genre of the symphony



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