Impressions after reading a fascinating book: Bayreuth – Oraș al Festivalurilor. Prezențe românești[Bayreuth – City of Festivals. Romanian presences]


  • Assoc. Prof. PhD Loredana Iațeșen "George Enescu" National University of Arts Iași



Wagner, Bayreuth, festivals, creators, musicians, concerts, universal and Romanian opuses


Published in 2019 by Ecou Transilvan Publishing House, the volume Bayreuth – Oraș al Festivalurilor. Prezențe românești [Bayreuth – City of Festivals. Romanian Presences], signed by the musicologist Gheorghe Mușat has an immeasurable documentary value. From the challenge launched by the title, which is accentuated with the discovery of the differentiated perspectives for approaching the complex issue – Bayreuther-Festspiele and Internationales Jugend – Festspieltreffen – to the precious details regarding the sessions, courses, seminars, concerts, conferences of artists from East and West, who had the extraordinary chance to collaborate in the last decades of the last century. In essence, the book focuses on the generation of musicians confident in the nobility of ideals to perfect themselves in the performing arts, to sing unique pieces from various stylistic repertoires and, especially, to listen, to learn from each other, to communicate at a high level about the multiple manifestation hypostases of the sound phenomenon.