Interdisciplinary aspects in organizing the Music Education lessons


  • PhD Student Alexandra-Ioana Homone “Gheorghe Dima” National Academy of Music Cluj-Napoca



interdisciplinary, music, applications, collaboration


The 21st century brings many changes in the education system regarding the teaching-learning-assessment process. Moving the importance from knowledge to the skills gained by the student requires the rethinking of the didactic strategies, and interdisciplinarity wins more and more in front of the monodisciplinary activities. On the other hand, the presence of technology in the traditional space dedicated to learning has led to the creation of new contexts in which the students can acquire new knowledge, develop skills trained in different subjects. The special circumstances in which school has been in 2020 put the importance of technology on a high level in the teaching-learning-assessment process. Online education has brought new challenges, which have added personal concerns for interactive and  interdisciplinary activities. Therefore, our paper presents several ways of approaching interdisciplinarity in Music Education lessons, providing solutions validated by the results obtained in activities with students.



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