Mirroring the Authorʼs Personality in Composer Carmen Petra-Basacopolʼs Sacred Music


  • Lecturer PhD Ruxandra Mirea Universitatea „Ovidius” Constanța ROMÂNIA




personality, choral music, sacred music, psalm-singing, creativity


For centuries, the study of personality has been a need for understanding human nature, but it also has become a scientific endeavour, starting with the first half of the twentieth century. Research in this matter has materialised through papers by important psychologists, who considered the unitary study of human beings, the understanding of their motivation, as well as the understanding of the psychological differences that make us unique. Thus, personality is a dynamic concept which reveals the behaviour of a person that allows the possibility of adapting to the environment. While her works are frequently performed in recitals and concerts, Carmen Petra-Basacopol is one of the most appreciated Romanian musicians also due to personality traits, which are undoubtedly reflected in her creation. The universe of sacred music has been a favourite field in her works and includes all musical genres, from chamber music to concerts. In this study I have planned to analyse musicologically three choral works with sacred orientation from the perspective of a psychological profile of the composer: Sacred songs for a capella mixed choir, op. 90; Sacred hymns for male choir, op. 112; Psalm triptych for a capella choir with female voices, op. 116. The proposed working tool for outlining the psychological profile, as well as the correlation of the studied works with the universe of sacred music is represented by the interview.



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