The concept of Christian symbolism in Sieben Worte for cello, bayan and strings by Sofia Gubaidulina


  • LUCIAN CHERAN “George Enescu” National University of Arts Iași ROMANIA



Gubaidulina, cello, bayan, symbolism, Christianity


The personality of the composer Sofia Gubaidulina represents a model of creative force, being an active presence from the second half of the XXth century until today. Her compositional style is tributary to a so-called moderate avant-garde, in which innovative language techniques are intertwined with certain elements belonging to the legacy left by the great composers of music history. The interest in spirituality and religion is demonstrated through a compositional concept called Christian symbolism, applied in many works. Of these, Sieben Worte for cello, bayan and strings is a special one by the versatility of the use of Christian symbols, differentiated in certain distinct typologies, which place this piece among the most unique concert creations of the '80s.



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