Goethe Lyrics from a Schubertian Point of View. Analysis of Converse Paths of Creation


  • Assoc. Prof. PhD. Oana Andreea Severin "George Enescu" National University of Arts Iași




Ganymed, song, poetry, mythology, pneumo-phonic accord, phoneme


Throughout the entire evolution of events in the history of music, we are finding the presence of a miniature genre, with a fulminatory evolution in the Romantic period. A syncretic genre, by combining poetry with music, lied generated a highly complex and artistically refined result, hence the preferred leaning of musicians towards it. In the approach of a mythologic page transposed into a Romantic view, in Ganymed we find two figures of genius connected: Goethe – writer and philosopher with a special inclination towards versified creations, with a remarkable, long-lasting activity and with a highly profound view on life – and Schubert – prolific composer, with the most representative contribution in the evolution of this genre, by setting down demarcations and also excelling from a quantitative point of view. This analysis begins from the opposite decoding of the acoustic message, from the point of view of the vocal interpreter, including here most of the implicit aspects: from phonetics to prosody, from dynamics to voice quality in the lied genre, from agogics to breathing and pneumo-phonic accord, from formal organization depending on the construction of the stanza.



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