Studies of Musicology by Liliana Gherman


  • Professor PhD Laura-Otilia Vasiliu "George Enescu" National University of Arts Iași



musical analysis, musicology, music criticism, Alexandru Pașcanu, George Enescu


Liliana Gherman (born in 1939) is a very well-known name in music criticism in Romania, the author being professor at ‘George Enescu’ National University of the Arts of Iași. Her writings have proven that her critical thinking is in line with the style of a whole generation of Romanian musicologists, such as Elena Zottoviceanu, Clemansa Liliana Firca, Gheorghe Firca or Grigore Constantinescu to name only a few. In her double capacity of professor of Musical Forms and musicologist-analyst, Liliana Gherman has published highly professional scientific papers, detecting modern compositional techniques and promoting contemporary Romanian creations through advanced analytical methods. The book that we review - Zăbave analitice. Studii de muzicologie (Analytical Depths. Studies of Musicology) (Artes Publishing House, Iași, 2019) - comprises the first part of her work as a musicologist.